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Throwback Thursday! Why the emergence of social media is important in fitness.

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Every day you go on social media, there is a hashtag trending in relation to the fitness industry, with people attaching photos or quotes to accompany the hashtag. These posts are either to help motivate others or a way of showing that someone is proud of their own accomplishments. Both can play a massive role in helping other people on their journey, or even help push themselves on their own path.


While training, people see themselves every day, making it more difficult to notice any changes in yourself. Different things, such as the changing sizes of your clothes or measurements, can help someone notice a difference. However, there is nothing quite as clear cut as visually viewing the change of your body, to notice that progress is being made. This is where the importance of hashtags and social media come in.


By using the popularity and social culture of posting progress pictures, it encourages people to use photography to track their progress more. Posting consistent updates can also act like a diary, and provide a timeline for your fitness journey. By seeing the changes to your body, and the progress you are making, you are more likely to continue on journey, stay on the wagon, and not just become someone who worked hard, only for all their good work to be undone. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and pictures showing progress are the proof that hard work in exercise and diet will give youth results you want.


With the use of hashtags, you are also able to browse through other people’s journeys and transformations, allowing you to take inspiration from others’ success. No matter who you are, where you may be starting from, I can guarantee you there are others in the same boat. The beauty of the¬†hashtag is that you are free to search the world of social media, and find people from around the globe who are on a similar journey, and with the specificity of hashtags, you can narrow your search down to key words directly related to you and what you are trying to achieve. You will find real life people, who have gone through real life struggles, and, whether you reach out to them for help, or simply use their story as inspiration for your own journey is your choice. But,you’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help you become a better you, even if I is just a couple words of advice!


Social media has given people the platform to be more vocal and expressive about their fitness journey, goals and transformations, and being accepted and praised for it, as opposed to being criticised for it and branded a show off. People now have a platform to show the world that, no matter the obstacles, there is always a way to charge down your fitness path!