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The 100 square metre matted training space is fully equipped to provide you with an invigorating and highly productive workout. On entering, to the side of the training area is a 10 metre Astro Turf track, complete with prowler sled for whole body metabolic development and conditioning, and battle ropes for high intensity workouts. Nearby crossover cables accommodate any body part you wish to isolate your focus on, thereby providing a wide array of workout options.

Our power rack provides a safe environment for bigger lifts, bench-pressing and squatting, as the installation of steel bars above prevent weights from dropping, thus eliminating any risk of injury, and we have complete sets of full radial weights. A versatile range of plyo boxes can be used as a learning tool for squatting to a specific depth, or for rehabilitation purposes after an injury.

Other key features include dumbbells weighing from 2.5 kg to 50kg, abdominal leg raise and dip equipment, a glute ham raise machine, where you will use your own body as resistance, medicine balls, slam balls weighing from 5kg to 15kg, and kettle bells weighing from 8kg to 16kg for plyometric and explosive movements, as well as full changing room facilities with showers, lockers and toilets.

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