Nutritional Advice & Support

It’s not just about what effort you put into your fitness, but about what you put into your body that matters. At Victory Bespoke Fitness, we offer structured eating plans and full nutritional assessment to allow us to prescribe the correct structures and foods. You have access to a wealth of nutritional knowledge, as well as the support necessary to succeed in the correct direction, which can help you reach your goals more efficiently, improving health, well-being and performance. 

Tailored Personal Training

To become the person you want to be takes energy, enthusiasm, and, above all, an exclusive training plan specifically designed with you and your needs in mind. That’s why at Victory Bespoke Fitness, every client has the opportunity to receive a clear and collaborative programme tailored entirely to what they require, as well as staunch support along the way.

Private Training Facility

Our state of the art, carefully designed training space boasts all that you could need to achieve your goal. Situated between Glasgow and Edinburgh, we provide an accessible but boutique fitness suite for clients from East and West Scotland and beyond. With free parking, 100 square metres of space, and disabled facilities, Victory Bespoke Fitness has everything you require.

Gender Specific & Mixed Classes

We offer a range of classes, either mixed or same gender, so as to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for you to train in, and also to differentiate classes based onindividual client needs.

Bespoke Team Training

Training alone isn’t always for everyone. Victory Bespoke Fitness provides carefully designed team training where clients are matched based on a range of criteria, and led in a group in order to support each other to the fullest, thereby gaining greater motivation and sense ofachievement.