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"Having known of Stewart for many years, I decided to call upon his years of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry so as to reach my goal of weight loss and performance improvement. In only six weeks, with Stewart's guidance, help and subsequent friendship, I dropped two stone in excess body weight and started to perform deadlifts and squats of over 2.5 times my body weight. A very exciting journey awaits all who contact Stewart to achieve their goals."

− Michael Field

"'Since starting training with Stewart my goal was to lose a stone and tone up. In the last six weeks I've lost that stone, toned up noticeably and I'm excited to continue seeing results. One of the advantages of me having Stewart 24/7.'"

− Debbie Morrison

"'I don't usually ask for help regarding my diet for my fights as I am quite knowledgeable due to my own PT qualifications; however, I felt this time around I could use a fresh perspective! Stewart came up with a diet plan after reviewing my eating habits that won't have me feeling hungry at all and will make me make lose weight easily! Looking forward to seeing the results and hopefully continuing to work with him on my diet.'"

− Raymond Woodcock

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Personal Training West Lothian

We offer a number of services to clients throughout West Lothian. We have a boutique fitness suite in the central belt of Scotland where we improve the health, fitness and strength of the people we work with. We offer Nutritional Advice, Tailored Personal Training, Gender Specific / Mixed Classes as well as Bespoke Team Training.